Google AnalyticsWhy Google Analytics ?

Webmasters all over the world have heard about Google Analytics and are also using it, however not all of them know its full potential. It is one of the best and most powerful tools we have to monitor and analyze the incoming traffic to our website. The best part is that it is absolutely free, so why not make the best of it? To get you Google analytics setup, you simply need to insert your Google analytics event tracking code into the head tag of your website.

Now there are many essential reasons as to why Google Analytics is important to webmasters. A few of them have been discussed below –

#1 High traffic keywords

Do you know which keywords give you the highest number of visits to your website? Google analytics provides you a list of these keywords along with the number of visits each keyword provide. You can also see the associated landing pages and find out which keywords give you visits and which keywords don’t.  These keywords are important as they are probably ones that actually bring you business.

If they already rank on the first page then well and good; but if they do not then optimizing them to rank will surely help generate more business leads.

#2 Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that bounce off soon after they enter the website. Now there are many reasons for a high bounce rate such as:

  • The web page does not have sufficient information or the information present is irrelevant to the visitor.
  • The website design and structure is not user- friendly.

Google Analytics tells us exactly which keywords have a very high bounce rate. Analyzing the associated landing pages will tell us what is wrong with them and what changes will help improve the bounce rate.

#3 Traffic Sources

Why google analytics

Apart from keywords have you ever wondered from what sources do you get all the traffic from? Google Analytics has something like Overall traffic, direct traffic, Referral traffic and Organic Traffic. Organic traffic will give you a list of keywords that provide visits through the search engines. Referral Traffic will tell you the number of visits you get from referral sites which can be Social Bookmarking sites, Press release sites, Social Media sites etc.

Another important and useful feature it provides is the geographical source of the visits. You get to know from which city, country or continent are you getting visits from. Visits from areas other than your geographical target are useless. Setting up an IP filter will ensure that your own visits are not tracked by Google Analytics.

These traffic sources will let you know whether you are going in the right direction or not.

#4 Goal Conversions

Goals conversions are way of knowing how many visitors actually convert after visiting the website.  You can set up goals to track business enquiries or transactions and find out how much each conversion was worth to your business.

These show whether you are getting any business leads through your SEO efforts or not. If not then it means you are going wrong somewhere.

# Web Analytics Comparison

Another good feature provided by Google Analytics is Web analytics Comparison.  Here you can compare the current period data with the previous period data. You can make yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly comparisons and see where you stand. A clear idea can be derived regarding the status of your business.

Above listed are just some of the main features provided by it. There is a lot more to Google Analytics than that such as average visit duration, new visits, unique visitors, demographics etc. Any company that wants to see its business grow should definitely use this free service provided by Google.