attract new customers through Social Media

Social Media is now considered as the backbone of any SEO or Marketing campaign. Social Media signals are becoming prime ranking factors and having a good presence across the social network not only helps gain referral business but also makes your site more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

The most famous social media sites that businesses adopt to promote their brands are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. They initially face challenges in seeking new customers because they do things which they are not supposed to do or adopt misleading strategies. Below drafted are a few tips to avoid making such mistakes –

#1 Choose the right channel

Choosing the wrong channel can alienate potential customers from the approaching the business. For e.g. Facebook should be used to share important industry information or invitations to events since it is all about sharing and participation. LinkedIn would be perfect for showcasing the whole company profile, professional qualifications, products etc. Similarly, a business selling large number of products or brands can use Pinterest for promotions since it is visually more appealing.

#2 Create only ONE profile for each site

Creating more than one profile on any social media site will only mislead a visitor or potential customer. The visitor will be confused as to which profile is the genuine one and simply prefer not to trust any of them.

#3 Join or Like other communities

Joining similar communities (Google+) or liking similar pages (Facebook) and commenting on their posts helps creating brand awareness and build target audience. However, this does not mean blatantly promoting your brand. Helping out people with their queries by giving informative responses might persuade them to like your page or even switch to your brand. This also helps with the trust factor.

Google+ and Facebook

#4 Post Strategically & Regularly

Now comes the million dollar question: “What to post?” Posting industry related news/articles or anything that is interesting and share-worthy will make your followers come back for more if they like it. Posting more too often or shameless promotion will annoy your followers and most likely chase them away. Also new products can be tested before they are launched by sharing an image of the prototype and describing its features. This will not only increase activity on the page but also give you an insight as to whether the product will be a success or not.

Now, not all of your followers/fans are from the same time zone; so posting at different times of the day helps get immediate response from followers all over the world.

#5 Maintain Interaction and don’t ignore queries

You cannot expect your followers to like your page or join your community and not interact with you. Ignoring your fan’s queries will make them think they are forced to like your page/profile/community and will leave it. So take out time to respond to their queries about your product or service.

There are various ways to maintain interaction with your customers on the social networking sites. For e.g. conducting online contests with gifts or discount coupons as winning prize is bound to increase interaction with fans on Facebook.

#6 Be courteous to you fans

It is necessary to make sure that your response to the fan queries is as humane and courteous as possible; just the way you would talk to your customer face-to-face. You reply must not look forced or like spam.  Comments or posts that look like spam might make your fan think that it is robotically generated and chase them away.

#7 Encourage Existing fans to share your posts

Sharing or liking of your posts by an existing fan might encourage his/her family or friends to like the brand or even test it. This is the easiest way to attract new customers. Just be sure to encourage or recommend sharing and not order them to do so.


Try these tips and you will find that gaining new customers through Social Media is not that hard. It’s just that you must be willing to put enough time and effort in it.

If you have any other tips or strategies to attract new customers through Social Media or retain existing ones, do leave them in the comment box below. Your inputs are appreciated.