Black Friday is a nationwide shopping holiday where you can get the best deals of the year. Hundreds of consumers storm the malls, trying to grab great discounts before people like you do — and most of them will buy every item that’s on a big sale. This year, the holiday falls on the 25th of November 2016 and, yes, retailers still have months to prepare before the big day.
But does the shopping holiday happen only on malls? Truth be told, it also drives massive traffic to online stores that offer great discounts and deals on Black Friday. A lot of shoppers try to avoid the huge crowd in malls by simply looking for great deals online instead.
It’s a great opportunity to earn a large profit in just a single day!

5 Ways to Prepare Your PrestaShop Site for Black Friday

If you own an e-commerce site that runs on PresaShop, you should start preparing for Black Friday as early as now. From thinking about deals and discounts to improving your site, we’ve come up with great tips to help you prepare for the upcoming shopping holiday!

1. Planning Deals and Discounts

This is the primary reason why people impulsively buy products on Black Friday. Without good deals and discounts, online shoppers would look elsewhere. The secret to getting massive sales on that day is to plan irresistible deals and discounts in advanced. Remember, you also have a lot of competition online!

2. Start Promoting With Eye-Catchy Ads

You better start investing in eye-catchy ads to promote on your site and on social media. People need to know that you’ll be offering great deals on Black Friday. If you fail to advertise your Black Friday deals, fewer shoppers may drop by your site that day (and buy your products) that day.

3. Boost Your Site’s SEO Rankings

Millions of online shoppers will use search engines like Google to look for amazing deals on products they want. Without good SEO rankings, your site will fail to reach a potentially large chunk of interested buyers.
If you’re having a hard time ranking higher on Google, don’t worry we can help you out! We’re experts in SEO for e-commerce and we can definitely help you improve your site’s SEO rankings before the big day comes.
So, if you’re looking to maximize your sales on Black Friday, check out our PrestaShop SEO Packages and we’ll help your site become more visible online!

4. Improve Your Site Speed

Are you expecting huge traffic on Black Friday? If you are, you should consider boosting your site speed to maximize conversions and sales. Truth be told, you’ll be losing potential buyers every second your site loads (yes, seconds!) and that could be a lot of lost sales considering the massive traffic on Black Friday.
Improving site speed is one of our specialties. We’ve been doing it for different e-commerce sites for years and we can help your site pages load faster — leading to higher sales and conversions.
Check out our PrestaShop Speed Optimization Packages before the biggest shopping holiday of the year!

5. Invest in PrestaShop Support

Does your site currently have bugs that may affect user experience?
Your online store needs to be 100% working to boost user experience on Black Friday. Online shoppers hate bugs and bad sites that deliver bad user experience, you may lose potential buyers to your competitors. But even if you’re site’s currently bug-free you still need support in case your site malfunctions on Black Friday. It’s better safe than sorry!
Our PrestaShop Support Packages offer the most reliable and efficient support for e-commerce sites. You’ll never get any service that’s feature-rich, high-quality, and reliable as ours!
Is your site ready for Black Friday?
We offer a whole lot more PrestaShop services and modules on our site. With years of experience, we can help you run your online store easily and profitably. Yes, even after Black Friday, you’ll still need a team of reliable developers by your side.
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