Playing With Fields: The majority of online forms ( somewhere around 61 percent), have between 5 and 10 fields. As the number of those fields increase, the actual number of individuals converting via those forms decreases. Using a real life example, the idea of removing fields worked quite well for Expedia. By removing a single redundant field in an online form, the company gained an astounding 12 million dollars in profit.

Trust me, you say?

In business online copy and content, there are several ways to gain the trust of potential customers and business partners. Businesses that provide readily available contact information, including a telephone number and physical address, gain trust of potential customers who want to know they can reach someone at the office if necessary. Providing endorsements and testimonials from real customers also helps to build trust. Companies that give free products or services show confidence in their product. Additionally, providing a written privacy policy raises consumer confidence.

What are We Saying? And How Are We Saying it?

Words are not all created equal. Companies often see an increase in sales and response with seemingly small changes in web content. For example, one company saw a 90-percent increase in conversion rates by simply changing the tense/voice of their copy from second person to first person. Using the right verbiage is extremely important when it comes to getting potential customers to click through. For example, “click here” and “go” result in higher click through rates than words like “download” and “register.” Gratitude goes a long way as well. Businesses that provide a thank-you page for customers note that 39 percent of users accept offers on these pages.

contact forms for the marketing ninja, increasing contact form conversions

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