I had a hundred tasks to do, and with my boss breathing down the back of my neck, I knew that I wouldn’t be given a second chance.

Of all the marketing tasks that I had, the ones I found most time consuming were the ones I least expected them to take any time at all.

marketingManaging my marketing tasks was a task in itself and a quite big one…

I knew that there were tasks that I was behind schedule, some tasks that needed to be completed yesterday. With those I could deal.

There were reasons for those marketing tasks being late. Either we were still waiting for an price negotiations to end between us and the publisher, or the CEO hadn’t signed off on the budget, or other acceptable reasons for delay.

The marketing tasks that were scaring me the most were the tasks that were due in a couple of days.
My company dairy could highlight the late tasks, but not the tasks coming close to the due date.

The solution was found when our CEO decided to purchase a task analysis software that enabled him to analyze our tasks and identify bottlenecks and discover where work can be made more efficient.
It made our life easier as well. You would get an alert when a task is due, before it was overdue.
Task analysis also helped us understand employee behavior, find working trends, rework, grind, identify bottlenecks and help us plan our marketing tasks better.

Life in the marketing department is back to normal. The task management is working, but the coffee machine is broken…