Hello there, this is Ali here. Just like millions others I am starting my own blog too. I can’t say that I am in that love with blogging yet but still it’s a start and I am excited. Though there is nothing concrete as to what I am going to write about in future yet, I will start with the topic “Blogging” itself.

Let me Introduce myself properly first. My name is Ali Akbar and I work as an Internet Marketer/SEO Executive here in Ahmedabad. It may sound boring but believe me, it is the most interesting job in the world (for me at least :-)). Like millions others I too wanted to start blogging long back however i just lacked the confidence. I was inspired and later on encouraged by my colleague and friend Zafar. Well that’s about it.

Just go for it if you want to :-P

Just go for it if you want to :-P

Getting Started!

Well, some people hear the word “Blog” almost every day but still might not know what it means. A blog (originally came from the word Web Log) in simple terms is something like an online book, journal or diary which is open to the public; however, blogs are now used for much more than that. So a blogger is someone who writes content for a blog. There you go, quite simple.

I know starting a blog seems overwhelming; however it is the easiest and best way to join the online community, share knowledge and engage new visitors. There are few challenges you may face prior to starting a blog such as – :

  1. Some of us lack the confidence to start blogging. I know it is no small feat but you don’t need to be a tech-geek or something to start. Do not think of yourself any less and be a proud blogger.
  2. Domain Name – The most common challenge one faces is deciding what domain name to use (I know I had the same problem :)). There is a simple solution to that. There are many sites such as Panbee, Bust a Name and Lean Domain Search that provide you with good domain names by combining potential keywords of your choice. This definitely makes your work easier.
  3. Once you are started, you may be worried as to how are you going to maintain your blog; grow your blog. In order to avoid meeting any such dead end, I suggest you choose a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. A combination of both will certainly give some ideas and keep you going.

Let Google be your best mate 

Remember Google is your best mate whenever you sit down to write a post. Just Google the topic you would like to write about and do proper study on it. You can Google some of the keywords for your post or the exact title if you have an idea in mind. It doesn’t mean that you can’t write on the topic if somebody has already done it before you. Just make sure you don’t copy it word to word.

Well that is how far I, myself have reached. Hopefully my next post will have something much more useful for you. Thanks!!