Internet marketing is constantly evolving. There are many new options when it comes to this type of marketing, but the fact is that several tools that were used in the past are equally as efficient today. One of these methods of IM (Instant messaging) is email marketing or starting an email campaign, to be more precise.

Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, these campaigns can be more sophisticated and more efficient than ever. If you want to start an email campaign like this, however, you need to spend a fair bit of time running tests. But testing on email campaigns can be performed in few different ways and A/B testing has proven to be very useful.

The most common form of A/B testing is split testing,which is used to test two separate email campaigns. Once the testing is finished, people can determine which of the two campaigns is better particularly when it comes to clicks and conversions. These tests are usually only done with a small sample size, as their primary purpose is to test the water. The recipients are divided into two groups and each of them receives a different version of your email campaign. Once the campaigns are finished, you simply analyze the results,  (clicks and conversions) in order to determine Which campaign is most effective.


There are many ways in which you can perform this testing. Most of the popular platforms used for sending emails and managing email campaigns can help you with this task, but there are some special 3rd party platforms like Campaign Sight which can provide further enhanced assistance. With the help of platforms like this you can optimize email campaigns, make analyses and perform the aforementioned A/B testing.

While we’re on the topic of Campaign Sight it’s a good idea to mention that this platform allows email marketers to test multiple images in a single email at the same time. This is something that you simply cannot find in other similar platforms.

Advantages of A/B testing

Now, let’s highlight the advantages of this type of testing and using such platforms.

One of the biggest advantages in using this type of testing is the ability to see exactly how many impressions and views a particular image has received. This applies to any given image, in any given campaign and can be used to get a better insight into how well each image is performing.

Tools like Campaign Sight perform particularly well, as not only do they give feedback as to which image is performing well, they also completely remove the need for split testing, as they control which image each recipient is shown. This saves time and organisation efforts, and makes the whole campaign that much easier to run.

In addition, Campaign Sight allows marketers to control the images that will be shown in their campaign, meaning they can speed up the process of testing, without affecting its accuracy.

A good email campaign needs to include many elements, such as good subject lines, good content and it must be tested in certain periods of time. In addition, it is also a good idea to include a well-developed call-to-action.

If you want to create an effective email campaign, you should definitely consider trying A/B testing. Before you start performing these tests, make sure that you know what, and why you are testing. After that, you need to analyze the results. This is a process that takes some time, but it can help you create an efficient email campaign. And the process will be made much easier if you use certain solutions such as the Campaign Sight service.