Any blogger would be eager to get decent amount of traffic to their website, plus backlink from high authority sites. Technorati is one of the many famous search engines for blogs from where a backlink would be quite beneficial.

The process for adding your blog to Technorati is quite easy:-

  1. First of all it is quite important that you know your RSS Feed link, considering it is required for the verification procedure.
  2. After you add your blog and the necessary titles and tags, you will get a mail comprising of a random claim token which looks something like “P2FYHGBJS9FQ”.
  3. Next, after opening your blog Dashboard, add a new post with a title which can be  “Technorati verification” or something and paste your claim token into the body. It should be visible in your RSS Feed.
    Technorati Verification
  4. The final step is to go to your Technorati profile page and click on the “check claim” button which will take you to the next page. Here you are supposed to click the “Verify claim Token” button.

That’s about It. Hope this post helps you add your blog to Technorati.