MsocialHWith all the recent Google Search Engine updates; it’s becoming more important for bloggers and webmasters to look for new sources of traffic specially the social media traffic to compensate any organic traffic loss and to prevent depending only on search engine traffic.

Promoting your content on popular social media websites like: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Can help you grow your website traffic; but trying to promote your content alone may not bring in the needed traffic and this is where MSocialH can help.

What is MSocialH:

MSocialH is a brand new social media exchange platform that can help you grow your social media accounts followers and get a lot of social media traffic by allowing others to share your content on their social media accounts. The idea is very simple; when you share other people posts or follow them on different social media accounts you get free coins or credit which then will be deducted from your account when they share your posts or follow you.

What you can exchange on MSocialH:

Here is a list of social media websites that you can use to get followers and increase traffic to your website:

– Google+ shares

– LinkedIn shares

– MySpace Connections

– Reverbnation Fans

– Soundcloud Followers

– Stumbleupon Followers

– Traffic Exchange

– Twitter Followers and tweets

– Youtube Favorites, Liked, Views and Subscribers

– Pinterest followers, Image likes and repins

– Instagram followers, Instagram image likes

How it Works:

1- Register at MSocialH for free – You will get 100 Coins as signup bonus.

Increase your social traffic

2- Add your blog posts and your different social media accounts. You can set how many coins you want to give to people when they share your post or follow you. The higher you set your CPC the more likely you will get you content shared – Currently you can set your CPC from 1 to 5 Coins.

Increase your social shares

3- If you want to earn more coins for free, click on the social media channel that you would like to exchange under earn coins and share other people’s content or follow them. You can refer your friends to MSocialH to get 150 Coins for each active referral. Alternatively you can buy coins.

4- You will get 30 coins as a daily bonus; you need a minimum of 5 clicks to be able to redeem your bonus.

5- You can advertise your website by buying an advertising banner which can be viewed on website homepage and by other members whenever they click on traffic exchange. The website currently provides a total of 17,000 Impressions per month.

6- If you want your pages to be viewed first by being able to set your CPC higher than 5 or if you want to get more daily bonus then you can buy a VIP membership which allows you to set your CPC from 6 to 10. And get 100 coins as a daily bonus (you still need to have a minimum of 5 Clicks to be able to redeem your bonus).

Make Extra Money Online with MSocialH:

make money online

MSocialH allows you to make extra money online by referring your friends, for each active referral you will get 150 coins free and 0.05$. You will also get 20% commission on anything your referrals buy on MSocialH for a life time. Your referrals need to have at least 10 clicks to be counted as an active referral.

You can redeem your money any time with the below conditions:

1- 25 Dollars minimum payout.
2- You must have been an active member at MSocialH for 1 month.
3- You must have uploaded a payment proof – for the second Payout.

Do you want to make extra money online? Register now at MSocialH to increase traffic to your website and do refer your friends.