“Hashtags will now be made searchable by Google.”  This is what has been making rounds in the search news.

I know what you must be thinking.

It was already searchable……this is old …etc. etc.

Wait. This is something different.

Google has finally launched the Hashtag search that will now enable the users to view Google + posts on the right side of the regular SERP’s.

“Today we’re bringing a richer Hashtag experience to Google Search.” says  Zaheed Sabur.

Marketers in US and Canada should be able to find relevant exchanges that might be taking place in Google+ by simply adding a #hashtag before the keyword. However, only those posts will appear which have been either shared with you or are public so obviously you’ll need to be signed in.

One might think Google is getting tad a bit more serious with this hashtag business. Don’t you?

As you can see in the below screenshot, Google+ displays only the most recent and most popular Google+ posts when #Emmys is searched.


Even the number of likes and comments on the posts but will be visible but you won’t be able to comment or like them yourself without going to Google+.

What is interesting but not surprising, is that Social Media is becoming a very integral part of the search. Apart from Google+ posts, you will also be able to search hashtags on Facebook and twitter through the search engine. This will be available in the form of a link at the bottom of the page.

Convenient isn’t it?

If you see the screenshot below, it’s easier to decipher the role hashtags are playing in the search world. Other than Tumblr, even Pinterest and Instagram are being given preference.


Google Search has come a long way and things are still going to change. We don’t know what impact will this Google Hashtag search have on the SERP’s  Will we love it? Hate it? Let’s hope for the best.