common mistakes made on facebookThe fact that Facebook has become common doesn’t mean that people can use it right. We are often careless about our behavior in social networks, as we don’t treat it much seriously. But in the future such attitude can really injure your professional performance or private life. The information we share in the web never disappears completely, so think about is something worth posting. There are also occasions of misuse, when the person wants to get his page popular but it doesn’t work. So, whatever our aims are, here’s the list of the most common Facebook marketing mistakes. Read it – and don’t try to repeat in the real life

  1. Leaving your page completely empty. No pic, no profile info… how do you want to get your page commented on then? Nobody likes communicating with the ghosts. Add some fresh pics, share the info about your hobbies and work.
  2. Using the personal page for business promotion. If you want to get your business ahead via social media, then create a public page. Add the link to it on your personal page – and don’t promote any longer. Your friends will not be satisfied with much advertising in their news feed.
  3.  Publishing too personal things. Friday drunk hangouts, swimming naked in the pool or sharing with the whole world the detail of the break up with your girlfriend is not a thing to do. Your page is very likely to be visited by your future employers, business partners and people you don’t know at all. Is this that sort of information you want to share?facebook marketing mistakes
  4. Being too emotional. You may get your hands on Facebook when drunk and write lots of things you will regret the next morning, or share your minds about your unrequited love or someone you really hate. Such sincerity can make you blush very soon;  and that’s the best variant of what can happen.
  5. Updating your profile time after time. If people coming to your page will see the last note made a month ago, they will hardly want to friend or like you.
  6.  Sharing loads of posts every day. Reading the News feed and sharing everything that comes to your sight is a bad tactic. You just flood your friends with tons of useless facts among which they can miss interesting news. Another thing that shouldn’t be done is posting low-quality content.
  7.  Sharing only your content or the opposite – only sharing someone’s. The first variant shows you as a self-concentrated people, while the second can give a hint about you’re not a bright individuality and have nothing to say or show. But you are, right? So, keep the balance.
  8.  Ignoring privacy settings. If you want to, your updates can become almost invisible for the strangers. But you must take care about it. Pick those settings which don’t make you naked before the whole online world.

About the author: Paul Smith is a staff writer of Essay Writing Services. In addition to various interests in writing about business and self-development, he’s a big family man ready to share his experience. Follow me on Google+