creative writing tipsHave you ever marveled at how famous blogs get social media shares and likes soon after their post goes live? It’s not just what they write that matters but also how they write. Luckily, blogging is not rocket science.

Don’t get discouraged. There are areas where you can make improvements and take your blogging to the next level. Below listed are some creative writing tips for successful blogging.

Catchy Title

The first and important thing is title. If your title is catchy and captivating, it is bound to get the user’s attention. It will at least get them to start reading. So imagine this… you have written this really awesome content but your title sucks or is probably too dull to get the user’s attention.

Now what?

Nothing. Even though your content is super awesome, you lose your prospect visitors due to the lame title. It would be almost as though your article is invisible.

Opening text

Next comes the opening text or paragraph. The first sentence of the paragraph must be such that it gets them reading and then keeps them hooked to it.

Now what could be done to make the readers interested or curious enough to continue reading? It’s very simple. No magic wand needed.

Just start with a compelling question or statement. Something like –

This is what happens when… OR

Do you agree? … OR

What do you think?

Short and simple is what will make them curious (curiosity killed the cat they say) and compel them to continue.

Appealing Body

You might want to make the body of your article appealing, since it usually contains information that the readers are actually looking for.

Now what would make the body look appealing to you readers?

Don’t write lengthy passages. Keep it to two or three lines max or separate the bigger ones. People tend to think it will consume less time to read short paragraphs. They get intimidated by bigger paragraphs.

So make sure those short stanzas are interesting and easy to read.

And don’t forget to add an image to the content. Images are a good way to convey what you are trying to say.

Entertain your guests

Well, you can call the readers your guests’ right? Now there are many ways to entertain your guests.

  • Add videos or images to make the content more attractive and expressive
  • Add some humor to your content to make even the most boring topic sound interesting. However, don’t attempt if it doesn’t come easily to you 😛
  • Add real life/original experiences if possible. Like…. maybe your experiments?creative writing tips
  • Make your enthusiasm for the topic known to the guests through your writing style.

And so on.

Write like you speak

Well, to be honest I’m just getting the hang of it and its fun. Write like you are having a one sided conversation with your readers.

When you read such articles, it kind of gives you an urge to go on reading. You can literally hear an imaginary voice speaking as you read. Make sense?

Proof Read

When you’re done with writing, just proof read the content once to make sure there are no fumbles or grammatical errors.

Admit it, you don’t like speed breakers when you read so offer the same courtesy to you readers too.

Well there you go. So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Did you find these creative writing tips to be really creative?

You can use the comment box below to let me know 😛 Happy Successful Blogging :)

Constructive criticism welcomed…Thank you for your time !!