Today we will discuss on how to dominate the Google SERP’s for competitive keywords. Experimentation is a part of Search engine optimization. As you people know, SEO isn’t the optimization of the search engine but optimization of the website. In order to build the site rankings, it is imperative you know how to optimize your website and its content. I have listed a few tips below, which if followed will help rank your keywords on the first page of the SERP’s.Ranking strategies

#1 Content from the user perspective

Fresh and relevant content is the best approach one can employ to rank in the searches. The only objective for the regular Panda and Penguin updates by Google is to clear away all the garbage (cheap and spammy links) from the internet and provide the users with high quality content from the most relevant searches. Also avoid duplicate content.

Think from the users point of view; are you providing the user with relevant and high quality information? ; is your website user friendly? Optimize the website the way the user would want it and you will do fine.

 #2 Quality VS Quantity

Whether we talk about links or the website content, it is always quality over quantity. When your stuff is of the top quality, the quantity doesn’t matter. A hundred cheap backlinks are equal to 10 high quality backlinks. A good way to get top quality backlinks from top quality sites is to do Guest Posting. 1 backlink from an authoritative blog is more preferable than incoming links from 50 cheap directory sites.

As for the content on the website, adding a blog with high quality information and updating it regularly is the best way to keep fresh content coming in. Pages or blog posts with low quality content can have a negative impact on the website and hurt the search engine rankings.

#3 Perfect On page

I believe more than half of your SEO work is done when your On page is perfect. Once your quality content is published on the site the next step is to present it to Google and the users the way they want it. Keyword stuffing in the copy, Meta description and Meta title is simply going to hurt your rankings. Make sure that the content in the Meta title and Meta description matches the stuff on the web page.

The trick is to put up a catchy Meta description and title that will prompt the users to click on it.

Make sure to use keyword rich image alt tags which also help in increasing the keyword density. This is important because as you know search engines do not index images for which we use alternate text or alt text.

#4 Social Media

Now days, a lot of importance is being given to Social Media. What with Google providing real-time social sharing in its search results, this definitely helps a website move up in the rankings. The +1 button helps increase the importance of a particularly good search result. It is very much similar to the like on Facebook except this is more public. It is somewhat unclear as to what or how much effect does Twitter or Facebook have on the search results, however they definitely help address a huge audience.

the Google +1 button uses

This Google +1 button was definitely a master stroke on the part of Google, to provide high quality search results to the users.

#5 Work on the Trust Rank

Now not many people know what Trust Rank is. It is almost similar to Page Rank with one crucial difference: Any site alleged to be buying or selling links will be penalized by Google and will be lost in the search results. Never try to fool Google; remember it is always one step ahead of you. The only way to earn the trust of Google is to earn the links rather than buy them or use any other shortcuts. Earn your links by use of high quality content and constant outreach. As someone said a long time ago “Constant or Link Outreach is the future of SEO”, that is what is truly happening now.

One way to measure your trust rank lies in the tool Majestic SEO. It provides you with something called Trust flow and Citation Flow for all of your backlinks. Any backlinks having very less or negligible Trust or citation flow are probably cheap/spammy links and need to be eliminated.

Well that’s it. Hope this helps you. :-) Do leave your suggestions or inputs through comments.