Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Google Launches Hashtag Search displaying Google+ Posts in SERP’s

“Hashtags will now be made searchable by Google.”  This is what has been making rounds in the search news. I know what you must be thinking. It was already searchable……this is old …etc. etc. Wait. This is something different. Google has finally launched the Hashtag search that will now enable the users to view Google [&hellip

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6 Creative Writing tips for Successful Blogging

Have you ever marveled at how famous blogs get social media shares and likes soon after their post goes live? It’s not just what they write that matters but also how they write. Luckily, blogging is not rocket science. Don’t get discouraged. There are areas where you can make improvements and take your blogging to [&hellip

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8 Easy tips to remember while doing SEO for ecommerce websites

Getting good traffic to your ecommerce website can be a rather difficult task when your product is a very common one and is already available on bigger competitor such as Amazon, Target etc. Below compiled is a list of 8 easy tips to remember while doing SEO for ecommerce websites. If done in the right [&hellip

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