Monthly Archive:: July 2013

Funny SEO Memes – Something to laugh about

With every new Google Penguin or Panda update, SEO gets even more challenging. And amidst these updates every now and then we see someone getting outed from the SEO Industry. So that is where SEO memes give you something to laugh about. Here are a few SEO memes that you might find funny. Some of [&hellip

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Google PageRank or Moz Domain Authority?

The apparent delay in Google PageRank update has left us wondering if it still remains a ranking factor for websites.  Or is ranking all about Domain Authority now?  Whether for guest posting or advertisement, nowadays it is the site’s DA that is given more preference rather than it’s PR.  So is Domain authority the new [&hellip

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Why Google Analytics Setup is important to Webmasters

Why Google Analytics ? Webmasters all over the world have heard about Google Analytics and are also using it, however not all of them know its full potential. It is one of the best and most powerful tools we have to monitor and analyze the incoming traffic to our website. The best part is that [&hellip

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